Ultimate VR Experience


CJ 4DPLEX셲 advanced motion seat technology enhances VR experience to the level beyond your imagination! VR X-Rider & 4DX VR will provide the high-end VR experiences to amaze your guests. Combining virtual reality with the dynamic motion creates the most amazing ride experience ever. They have been designed to enhance all kinds of VR content including game and entertainment content, short films and even promotional movie trailers.


Fully Immersive VR Experience

4DX VR use advanced motion ride technology and perfectly synchronized state-of-the-art VR content for a true immersive VR experience. 4DX VR is 1-seat or 4-seats per unit and can be coordinated with any kinds of VR contents: For game & entertainment contents, short films, and promotional movie trailers in VR format, 4DX VR will realize the ultimate feeling of immersiveness.

4DX VR at CinemaCon

Perfect Synchronization

Experts in 4D technology, CJ 4DPLEX launched its brand new 4D VR experience at CinemaCon in early April, 2016. We demonstrated the next-gen immersive experience at CinemaCon using three VR films - 'Before the Sunset', 'HELP' and 'Wooden Coaster'. The movie action in the headsets was precisely coordinated with the movements of the motion seats.

VR Experience at Theme Park

New and thrilling Experience

Visitors to Everland's Gear VR Adventure corner watch virtual reality videos using Samsung Electronics' head-mounted Gear VR device and a 4DX VR at the theme park in Gyeonggi province, Korea. Visitor reactions were overwhelmingly positive with comments including: 쏺ery impressive. It셲 a new level of entertainment watching a 360 degree film with motion.

VR X Rider

vrride 씠誘몄2
The ultimate level of immersion

VR X-rider will provide unprecedented immersive VR ride experience. In anything from precise motion control to dynamic motion changes, our 6 axis(D.O.F) electric motion base units show incredible performance and durability. Perfectly synchronized motion effects with the actions and movements in the VR content will give you a genuine sensation of "reality".

VR Experience at Theme Park

Unprecedented VR ride Experience

We were showcasing our new VR X-Rider at AAE, 2016. Two different kinds of immersive VR content are ready for the visitors. Many attendees are standing in a long queue at the CJ 4DPLEX's booth to experience this technology. Visitor reactions were overwhelmingly positive with comments including: 쏷his rollercoaster experience was fantastic, like a real one.


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