Valkyrie: Shooting Ride

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The Valkyrie is an interactive 4D motion ride that combines Simuline셲 immersive 6 DOF motion platform with cutting edge interactive content based on the award winning Unreal game engine. A total 8 players ride on either side of the Valkyrie. Valkyrie셲 dual screens show the content from different perspectives, allowing for more replay value.

Industry Leading Interactive Content

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Project HADES

Project HADES is the first content to have been developed for the Valkyrie. HADES is an intense ride through a zombie infested military base where your mission is to retrieve secret research data and come out alive. Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Project HADES delivers graphics levels never before seen in an interactive rider.

A Different Perspective

Two Sides, Two Experiences

Valkyrie셲 dual screen approach means riders can choose between two different ride perspectives. Face one way and race towards your enemy. Face the other way and protect your comrades from chasing foes. Dual screens also help spread out the action, making sure that not all players are shooting at a single object.

Shooting System

Gun Design
Gun Design 씠誘몄
Dual Haptic Feedback

At less than 800 grams (1.7lbs) Valkyrie셲 guns are light and comfortable to use. All things, from the weight balance, trigger resistance and design have been optimized to reduce player fatigue while playing the game.

Accuracy and Speed

Valkyrie셲 shooting system uses a state-of-the-art laser tracking hardware and software previously used in military and law enforcement training facilities. On screen reticles allow players to always know where their gun is pointing and shooting.

Immersive 4D Effects

Immersive 4D Effects

The motion and on screen story are augmented by wind and strobe effects to maximize immersion. Each seat has a dedicated fan to ensure that all players have the same immersive experience.

Features / Specifications

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6 axis (D.O.F) electric motion base

4+4 front/rear seat configuration

Game run by Unreal Engine 4

Dual 170 screens

One year warranty

Safety Features
Safety bar, emergency stop switch
Built in Seat
4D Effects
Diverse 4D
Environmental Effects
Wind and strobe

Footprint (cockpit size only) : W 9.1ft(2,770mm) x L 11.6ft(3,534mm) x H 6.4ft(1,955mm)

Power Requirements : 220V Three Phase 20KW(Accessories 220V Single Phase 5KW)

Floor Load : Varies according to configuration


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451 Samil-Daero Lions BLDG 2F Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea